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Has the LCD display on your sewing machine become so dim that you can no longer read it?  If so, it's likely an LCD back light failure.  The LCD back light on sewing machines can start to dim after many years of use.  These aftermarket back light kits have been manufactured for sewing machines in which OEM replacement units are no longer available.  Some kits come with an OEM service manual and other kits, such as the Janome MC8000, include a custom manual that fully details every step of the replacement procedure.  


Of course, those who don't feel comfortable with doing the replacement themselves can simply purchase this kit and take it to your local sewing machine repair shop and have them install it for you.   Whatever route you choose, once you have replaced the LCD back light in your sewing machine, the display will look new again!   

Common symptoms: 
When an LCD back light starts to fail, it will typically be most dim at the center.  If your machine has received continued use, after the first signs of back light failure, the LCD back light will often go completely dim.  Adjusting the contrast control knob may change the display when turned but typically does not correct the issue.  If you are not sure if your machine is suffering from a faulty LCD back light, your local sewing machine repair shop should be able to confirm this for you before placing your order.


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